Celebrating a wedding is not an easy task, that’s why we accompany you along the way, and we help you so as not to miss any detail to achieve perfection on a unique day.


Surely you want your wedding to be different. If you are looking for original ideas that represent your own essence, if you expect surprise and care to mark the magic of a truly authentic moment, we seek to make your wishes come true.

Cancha Events is a venue where the difficult becomes extraordinary. Sharing the illusion is the main objective of that day, and we are here to turn a project into emotions, giving your guests an experience that encompasses the five senses and is able to captivate their feelings.


We know that sharing the expectation is the main objective of that day, and we are here to turn a project into emotion.

Our facilities have different areas that allow you to create a unique setting, whatever the time of year.

A space that provides special attention to detail, representing the enthusiasm and affection of the newlyweds for their guests.

You decide the type of banquet, the catering and the area.
we take care of giving life to your dreams.

Our services include a cloakroom and a cleaning service, insurance of the premises, an electric generator, car park and our areas have air conditioning or heating and a Chill-out area.

In addition, we can offer additional services such as decoration and setting of the place, professional photographers, fireworks, wine pourers, artistic cocktails, musical groups, ham cutters, sweet bar, photo booths, animation…