We have a wide variety of proposals that will satisfy the most demanding tastes.


Considered as the most elegant and ideal for evening weddings and gala dinners. There are five, four and three plate services. It encourages dialogue between guests who do not have to move from their seats. It is of vital importance the coordination of the service and the correct combination of the flavours in the menu.


It offers a more informal meal, but at the same time brings freshness and fun to the event. Each guest serves their own food and the space allows everyone to move freely. They are very appropriate for outdoor events and with a moderate number of guests, who can also decide what to taste according to their own tastes.


In our menu you will find several menu examples for your event. You will discover inspiration and innovation and they will guide you to decide your own catering.


This type of banquet offers an elegant and relaxed style, in which the combination of textures, flavours, aromas and colours are central in importance. It allows an easy adaptation to the number of dinners and also the inspiration in exotic food that combined with softer and lighter flavours will satisfy the most demanding palate.


If you want meat as the star of your catering, Argentine steakhouse is definitely the best choice for you. We have experts in the elaboration of Argentine cuisine, who prepare the highest quality meat according to traditional cuts and using unique wood for the embers that will form an insurmountable cooking ritual.


If you want the food to be part of the show and make the kitchen an art, you can choose this type of banquet, which can also be combined with another style of catering. Its versatility and capacity for surprise is an added value for attendees, who at the same time enjoy the taste of the dishes, can enjoy an unprecedented exhibition.

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If multiculturalism fascinates you, the exotic flavours and you look for originality made a banquet, this should be your choice. We can adapt to the foods of the different parts of the world and elaborate menus of the Mexican, Japanese, Moroccan or Italian culture. No one can forget the recreation of a unique environment, which will fill your catering with delicacies of infinite possibilities.